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  • Brittney Highsmith, MS.Ed

Why is Summa International Schools for profit and Excellence Prep not-for-profit?

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Summa International Schools (SIS) is an education management organization that engages in social entrepreneurship for the advancement of all people. Here's a breakdown of our business model.

Summa International School Services (for profit):

1) School Network Consulting

2) Leader & Teaching Training

3) Reading Curriculum & Products

4) School Design & Facilities Construction

5) International Executive (IE) Certification

6) Corporate Education

Excellence Preparatory Academy Services (not-for-profit):

1) Child Education & Play

2) Teacher Education & Training

3) Community Engagement

Summa International Schools (SIS) seeks to provide a rigorous staffing model to ensure quality instruction. In order to provide leaders and teachers with competitive bonus pay comparable to the corporate world, profits from SIS are reinvested to provide equity across all school styles: private, charter, and home & nature school.

For a more detailed description of this business structure, please read The Social Entrepreneurship Spectrum (linked above) for a breakdown of IRS compliance.


Brittney Highsmith, MS.Ed

Lead Founder

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