Our Academics

We believe that results drive every aspect of a successful school. A genuine culture of achievement is only obtained through excellent teaching and leading.  There is joy in knowing as well as joy in discovery.  When teachers and students feel successful, authentic community fosters.  At Summa International Schools (SIS), we not only teach students how to develop their own characters, we immerse them in the appropriate environment to do so.  Teamwork, engagement in collective goals, individual pursuits of happiness, and care for our universe sets the stage for doing what exactly what we set out to do: explore beyond boundaries.

Love of reading is primary. With precise data driven instruction based on error analysis, and joy in peeling apart a great text, our children tackle literary devices like fun codes into an author's mind. Join us as we explore the arts of literature through narratives, plays, music, and poetry, and explore our world through written craft.


SIS implements experimental and project-based learning that is woven throughout the weekly schedules of our scholars.  There is always an opportunity to apply our learning. Our children are asking questions and seeking to answer them.


There is no literacy without writing.  Children understand the inner workings of an author by becoming authors themselves.  We love writing because it helps us share information and express ourselves.  Please join us as we publish and celebrate our scholars' writing!

Geography & Social Studies

SIS is intentionally international - we know full well that geography and social studies are a pillar in reading comprehension, but more so, in civic engagement. Our children will learn about their environment through frequent field trips around the world and participate in their communities.


Personalized learning at it's best, our math program consist largely of small group instruction based on common misconceptions and types of errors.  With productive struggle and a 21st century classroom, we no longer teach to the middle.  We facilitate our classrooms for children to foster their own learning. 

Physical Education

SIS believes in taking care of people.  Not only do we support a fit lifestyle for staff and faculty, we also engage our children in varied physical education including aerobics, dance, martial arts, play, sports, yoga, and more.